Blue Man (6 or 8)

  • figure of 8

  • cast down

  • swing

dannish waltz.jpg


Broom Dance ( 6 to 8)

  • Sweep on

  • Step over x 2

  • Arches and around

  • Star and dip/dive

  • cast out

  • dance off and turns

(intro B) ABB



College Hornpipe (6)

  • Star right/left

  • Partners > swing

  • Cast out to bottom

  • Repeat x 2

  • Finish arms up

  • dance off hornpipe style from bottom


Dance for SIX.

Tunes: George Green's College Hornpipe

A1        All take hands in a ring and slip-step sideways to left.

A2        repeat to the right, back to place

B1        Odds put arms round partner's waist, evens put hands on partner's shoulders. All face up and cast off to the left to bottom of set and back up the middle to places

B2        All polka to change places with tops moving to bottom and rest moving up one place.

Repeat until 1&2 are back in the head of the set.

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The Gravy Dance     Amended 02/03/14
For six dancers
Lead On
Two sets of three dance on from opposite sides for 4 beats (join waists on beat 4) to get into a straight line. Middles 5 and 2  link right arms so 1,3.5 facing one way 2,4,6 the other, turn the wheel for 4, split in the middle, release arms. Each set of three takes 4 steps out, turns on 4th step then 4 steps up or down to make two parallel set lines.
Long Chorus
1 and 2 take 4 beats to cross rest of set standing still, then 3 and 4 take 4 beats to cross rest of set standing still, 5 and 6 take 4 beats to cross rest of set standing still.  Then everyone waist swing with partner 4 beats back to original starting place.  Everyone take should hold, turn 4 beats into line, then again, and again and again (16 beats) (4 beats to every quarter). 
Oxo twice
3 and 4 move to their left form left hand star with ends, turn for 4 then 4 and 3 take 4 beats to cross to other ends, whilst ends take 4 beats to turn outwards and then into right hand star, then repeat twice more. (left hand star, right hand star)
Short Chorus (without shoulder swings)
Cast and Diamonds
1 and 2 cast out to bottom of set for 4 then come up set for 4 back to original place rest of set stand still.
Set stays still whilst 5 and 6 cast out to top of set in 8 and then dance down middle of set back to their place.
3 and 4 are going to dance in a diamond shape starting by going to their left.  4 will take 4 steps to get between 1 and 2 whilst 3 takes 4 steps to get between  5 and 6 ( the set is now in two lines of three). At this point ends are standing still for 4.  Then reel for 8 passing right shoulders first.  4 will then take 4 steps to get between 5 and 1 whilst 3 takes 4 steps to get between 2 and 6 both lines will reel for 8. 4 will then take 4 steps to get between 1 and 2 and 3 will take 4 steps to get between 5 and 6 and so on ….
Short Chorus, (without shoulder swings)
Oxo (4 star turns as before)
Long Chorus
Lead Off
1, 3 and 5 turn to bottom of set and dance forward for 4 beats, 2, 4 and 6 turn to top of set and dance forward for 4 beats., then 4 beats to get into one long straight line, middles link right arms so 3 people facing one way 3 the other, turn the wheel for 4, split in the middle, release arms, face away from the centre and dance off in your threes into the massive audience.



Mississippi Mud Dance (6)

  • Bachelor's Button

  • Chorus- right/left

  • Stars and Stripes

  • Chorus

  • Reel on side

  • Chorus

  • Zig-zag and dance off casting right to circle


Six dancers.

Tune: Battle of New Orleans

Single step, right foot lead; bent arm with clenched fist, raise up to ear on each step (opposite foot to arm). Keep the arms moderate and body upright, the legs do the work. Each figure involves a surge then pause to give power.

A1                           Batchelor's Button.

B1 & B2                 Chorus

A2                           Stars and Stripes

B3 & B4                 Chorus

A3                           Reel

B5 & B6                 Chorus

A4                           Line reel and off

Batchelor's Button

Cross and turn with partner: two steps on spot,  facing across then quickly across, passing right shoulders with partner. If the dance is done in a small space the cross is done on one step hop, turn to the right immediately and stay there to complete the sequence of eight steps. Straight back to original place, passing right shoulders again and turning to the right. Close up the gap across on steps 7 and 8.


Handclapping (inspired by Lichfield dance "Ring O' Bells): face across, clap a sequence of four (ends punch straight up in air if no-one to connect with): diagonally right (with person right of partner), left with partner, right with person diagonally left of partner, left partner. Repeat twice, then ends with diagonal right, partner left, partner right , pause. Follow with stomach swing: one step to connect (spare arm punch up in the air), then on steps 2,3,4,5,6 dance a quarter turn each step, on 7,8 drop arm and face in on partner's place, finishing feet together. Repeat whole sequence back to place.

Stars and Stripes

Middle stomach swings as in chorus (eight steps) then repeat back to place, while tops and bottoms turn out (two steps) and dance round middles clockwise all the way round to own place.


Reel is done along the sides. There is lots of time as there are sixteen steps to get back to place.



Round Mollies (6)

  • Greet and Swing

  • Starburst

  • Turns

  • Squares and Swing

  • Molly Hey

  • Starburst

  • Final Reels

  • Mollies off

KB x 3 then KR end KB