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The Witches Dance (6/8)

  • Russian Circle

  • Half Circle

  • Clash

  • The Chase

  • Half Circle

  • Swings

  • Half Circle

  • Large Star

  • The Catch

  • Frenzy


Witches Dance

In the Suffolk village of Westleton there lived a wise woman by the name of Katherine Tooley

Some thought her a witch and she was denounced to Matthew Hopkins the Witch finder General

She was accused of inciting her imp, Jackley to confront the master on the road from Kelsale to Westleton and strike his horse dead.

Katherine was arrested and removed to the assizes at bury St Edmunds where she was judged guilty of witchcraft

With 16 others she suffered a witched death on 27th august 1645.

I’ve told of the witch, not in verse nor in song

Now here is the dance from our elegant throng.

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